Create your own Rental Car with Rentennials

Yes, you read that right. By creating an account on Rentennials, you can upload one or all of the vehicles you want and earn excellent returns. Take advantage of that vehicle that you hardly use or buy one and start making money right away.

Vehicle vs. Apartment

Here is a simple graph to help you visualize the investment vs. return of putting your vehicle to work. Yes, it’s “easy money”.

Used Vehicle

Average investment

U$D 8.000

Profitability vs investment




Monthly profit
average in U$D


Average investment

U$D 75.000

Profitability vs investment




Monthly profit
average in U$D

Everything you need to succeed

Rentennials will provide you with the material and knowledge necessary to create a successful business, whether you start with one or many vehicles.

Contracts between individuals

We will facilitate a complete contract of lease between individuals, so that you are covered from all risk.

Rental insurance

Your vehicle will have complete insurance, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

A support team ready to guide you

Do you have doubts or questions about the business? Communicate with our support team.

We generate the demand for you

Our marketing team works tirelessly so that you don’t lack offers.

A very simple APP to use

We work day and night so that the user experience in our APP is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Knowledge is power

Discover important information in our section “Stories” and learn everything about the business.

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